Clients:    Suez-Degremount, Comisión Nacional del Agua

Related works:  Construction of the Chapultepec WWTP and construction of the irrigation system and pumping plants for the reuse of treated wastewater within Chapultepec forest in the Federal District.

Project description

The construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was carried out in the Chapultepec forest area, once the previous 50-year-old plant was demolished, it captures the sewage through collectors in the Lomas de Virreyes and Lomas de Chapultepec area. The project consists of a reactor composed of several structures such as the sieve, with four treatment phases: anaerobic reactor, anoxic reactor, aerated reactor and endogenous reactor whose structures are made of reinforced concrete and walls with a thickness of up to 80 cm and heights of up to 9.00 meters and molded in a monolithic way. Air is incorporated in several reactor processes through five stainless steel blower and pipe equipment; which were installed based on metal structure pendants; a membranes tank, that was constructed with a bottom slab, and reinforced concrete walls in a monolithic manner. This tank of membranes in its process of operation requires the inclusion of air, and for this a group of four blowers were installed. The air injection is done through carbon steel pipes. For the operation, an electrical substation with a capacity of 34 kva was built, based on footings, block walls and a reinforced concrete slab, as well as an administrative building, green areas, parking and roads.

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