Financial and economic evaluation of infrastructure projects, foreign trade and transportation.

Studies and mobility plans.

Vehicular capacity studies and traffic.

Design of wayfinding spatial orientation systems (related to maps, street numbers, signs and other elements as resources to recognize the environment and be able to locate and direct correctly when we feel disoriented).

Strategic planning focused on infrastructure development.

Demand studies for new public transportation, airports, roads and ports projects.

Road impact studies in new developments, whether public or private.

Roads designs and signs.

Advisory and developments of projects related to transportation demand
management. (Transport Demand Managment).

Macro and micro simulations of infrastructure and transport projects.

Transportation infrastructure inventory.

Audits and accompaniment in bidding processes.

Consultancy and advisory.

Infrastructure projects for foreign trade.

Executive projects for customs installations.

Sustainable transportation projects and pedestrian mobility.

Solutions development.

Sustainable transportation projects and pedestrian mobility.

Master plans development, studies and projects for management, treatment and
final disposition of urban solid waste, industrial and dangerous.

Master plans developments, studies and hydraulic infrastructure projects (drinking water, sewerage and sanitation).

Master plans developments, studies and foreign trade infrastructure projects
(customs, supervised enclosures, and strategic supervised enclosures).

Studies and projects development related to roads and transportation.

Environmental audits.

Cost analysis and proposals development.

Environmental impact studies in the following fields: General roads and federal touristic developments, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, steel, paper, sugar, beverage, cement and automotive; facilities for treatment, confinement and disposal of hazardous and- or radioactive waste; generation and transmission of electricity and risk studies.

Port engineering.

Terminals projects, water breakers, docks and storage areas.

Marinas design and coast sidewalk.

Ports expansions studies.

Analysis and design of navigation and maneuvering areas.

Maneuverability studies.

Operational studies of docks and terminals.

Review and diagnosis of ports works.

Market studies, cost-benefit analysis and developments master plans.

Coasts engineering.

Maritime processes modernization.

Sediment transportation analysis and beach erosion.

Beaches regeneration and stabilization.

Environmental impact studies.

Dredging projects.